Southwestern Pennsylvania Landlord Association

  Next Meeting Tuesday, March 18th

    The Southwestern Pennsylvania Landlords Association was formed to help address the housing situation in Uniontown and the surrounding areas from a unified perspective. Unified meaning we have established a mission to work with Mayorís offices, City Councils, city officials and neighborhood associations.
    As the President of the landlordís association I had the opportunity to introduce our Code of Ethics and our Mission Statement to the Uniontown City Council and to those present at the last City Council meeting.

    Our Code of Ethics places honesty and integrity at the top of its list with a strong focus on education to promote professionalism and progress of the rental property industry.

    Our mission is that through the efforts of our member investors we will strive to be recognized by the community, by the industry and by government leaders as a positive professional force, providing housing opportunities throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania. Through an ongoing series of workshop clinics and guest speakers we will be educating our members in a variety of disciplines needed for the successful acquisition, ownership, maintenance, management and improvement of investment property.

    Many landlords from southwestern Pennsylvania have put long hours and much pride into backing the formation of this association and our intent is to be a positive pro-active force in addressing and solving the housing issues we all face.

Joseph Ruddy
Southwestern Pennsylvania Landlordís Association, Inc.